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Written by Julian Haines   
Saturday, 22 May 2010 22:25

New Member Registration / Membership Renewal  -  Declarations

ECSKC is a voluntary not-for-profit association with the primary aim of enabling Members to engage in the activity of sea-kayaking. The Club is run by a Committee elected by the Members which organises the Club Meets in which Members participate and provides trained Leaders to take charge at the Meets. ECSKC endeavours to follow good practice guidelines appropriate to the activity of sea kayaking, including the provision of a safety briefing in advance of each Meet, and to do all that is reasonable to minimise risks to its Members and the public.

Sea-kayaking is an adventure water sport and carries all of the risks associated with such activity, including the risks of injury to self and others, and death. ECSKC members are, in the first instance, responsible for their own safety and the safety of others while participating in Club Events. ECSKC, including its Committee, Leaders and Members, accepts no responsibility for the personal safety of Members. ECSKC carries Public Liability Insurance and Members are advised to be aware of the protections and limitations of this insurance before taking part in Club events. A description of ECSKC Insurances is available here.

Please read the statements below carefully. By proceeding to register with the Club for Membership, or by renewing an existing Membership, you agree to the following declarations:

  • I am over 18 years of age.
  • I understand that sea-kayaking is an adventure water sport activity that carries risks of death and injury to myself and others. I understand these risks and, by registering or renewing my Membership of ECSKC, I voluntarily to accept them.
  • All participation in Club trips is at the sole risk of the participant. While the club and group leaders make all reasonable efforts to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all, the club and group leaders accept no responsibility for my personal safety. During my participation at Club Meets and other events I undertake, on a reasonable endeavours basis, to follow Club rules and Committee directions. I also undertake to follow Leaders instructions and safety briefings and to educate myself on and follow good practice guidelines appropriate to sea kayaking.
  • I declare I am in good health, sufficient to enable me to participate actively in Club Meets. I do not suffer from a disability or medical condition which might render me unfit for strenuous exercise. If a health risk develops I will advise the Club or the Leader on the day.  

Note: A medical condition will not necessarily preclude a Member from membership / participation. If in doubt it is always advisable to seek medical advice. A health risk that might compromise self or a group must always be reported.

Waiver and Release

I hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless the sporting association called East Coast Sea Kayaking Club (hereinafter called “ECSKC”) all their respective members, officers, committee members, agents, employees, voluntary assistants, other kayakers, visitors or persons who may be present at ECSKC activities or at any ECSKC premises (whether formally or informally occupied by ECSKC for a period, temporarily, or on an emergency basis) from any cause of action, claims or demands howsoever. This Agreement is binding even if the released persons have caused or contributed to my injuries through their individual or collective negligence. This Agreement is binding on myself, my heirs, my next of kin, assigns and personal representatives.

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